Testimonial Messages from past clients:


You rock.  I loved the content, mood and progression of our conversation.  You are a special soul and you certainly helped me prepare myself for what I intend to be an impactfull week.  I have the word fun in my emotions since we spoke last and that is a shift of monumental proportions.

Thank you be well.   Ted


"Pananda, thank you for your beautiful message, it was such a special day, and really nice to see you although brief, take care xx".  Effie


Yes I feel better, it was great thank you and yes I am thinking about what we talked about. you are very good teacher big hugs   Trish


Dear Pan,

We are overwhelmed by your giving yesterday... l thought it would be a great idea to email you this afternoon, there are ongoing questions and I'll be back online soon. O:-) Sincere love for all your giving, we feel so blessed to have your wisdom and guidance on our journey.

Bless you David


Thank you for sharing Pananda, what an amazing soul!!!  So inspirational.  I will show it to the indigenous kids when I go back to work in the NT next week.  I will come and see you next time I'm in Melbourne for a channelling.   Me and my husband Kenny.   I remember when I came with my cousin Foti years ago, it was so powerful and soothing and I need some nurturing at the moment!

Much love to you. Vicky


Hi Pananda

Thank you very much for the last treatment. You are a true professional with tremendous healing powers.

Many thanks again. Erika


Hi Pananda,

Really, really can't wait for my healing...... Sooo excited.... what's going on????  Must be your lovely energy..... Soula


Dearest Pananda

I wanted to take a moment to Thank You for ALL of the AMAZING things that you do to make people's lives that much better!

The Beautiful Images, Kind Words, keeping us updated with new information as it comes to light.

Our World is all the Richer for having you in it!

You are the Glittering Thread in the Tapestry of Our Lives!

You add Texture and Depth!

Although I have not spent a lot of time with you physically on the Planet this time round, it has been a reconnection!

You are often in my Thoughts but ALWAYS in my Heart!




Dear Pananda,

I do realise I worked through a lot with you.  I tried to describe how it felt to J the other day, and I know this is a common metaphor, but now it has meaning to me: I was on a path and I simply stepped slightly to the left of that path.  Still traveling the same direction, but it has a different feel. Other simple things have fallen into place as well.  Funny because I have always felt 'on the right track' in my life - am in fact very happy - but now the feeling somehow has a different 'centredness' to it.  You will understand, I know.  My relationship with my horses changed immediately - and it wasn't bad before - I have allowed Oyster (the sick one) to come back to me and I just feel her love and what she was trying to teach me.  Patience, acceptance.  Having several treatments with B - have no idea what she actually does but, gosh, it works!

So thank again,

Love  Corn


“Pananda works in a very gently and yet profound way. She "knowingly" seems to be able to guide me through a labyrinth of memories, mental pictures, colours, feelings and never once have I felt "controlled" but rather, in control of the process, myself."  Jane


“You are fantastic; by the way you are able to “tap” into what the problem is.”   Genevieve


Oh Pananda, We are loved, to have been guided to meet you! 


Hi Pananda

Thank you for a wonderful healing. Having the hands on was the right decision because I felt great but didn't have that out of my body feeling I usually have with a massage. I love that out of the body feeling but considering I had the long drive home the hands on healing was probably the best choice.  So thanks again for the healing - awesome as usual.  love Adelle


“Amazingly for the first time in years I did not get up to the toilet thru the night, sleeping well and enjoyed the meditation of the letting go.”   Ostelle


“Thank you for your kindness, gentleness and caring. These qualities have been like a life-giving shower of rain, in the desert of my life.”   Dee


Dear Pananda,

Thank you for seeing me last week, I had a strong experience which I am still thinking about, Thanks Mariella.


Dear Pananda,

J suggested I let you know that an amazing piece of synchronicity that happened after I saw you. I went to see B and while in the waiting room I casually picked up a magazine and flipped it open. There was a picture of some friends of mine, whom I was worried had also died in the fire - telling their story of survival. 

By the way, that great feeling I found at your place with has not left me.

Love C.


“In times of adversity Transmutation Soul Healing has given me the understanding, strength and courage to face the responsibility of transcending the false reality of old belief patterns and behaviours through the process of clearing & releasing that which does not serve me“.  Pina


Thank you very much for the wonderful healing I received yesterday.  I feel quite different today.  Also many thanks for the spiritual teachings, much appreciate. Erika


Thank you for continuing to be a spiritual mentor in my life, Pan!!!   With love i hope all is well with family & especially with Ronald!!!  I send you both lots of love, light & spirit always. 

Brigitte xxxx


I just want to thank you for your friendship over the lady few years.  You are an amazing person and I am honoured to know you.  Hope this next year hold a lot of good surprises and a lot of joy for you.  D


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