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Pananda DonnaRae is a deep trance channeller, mental and physical medium / psychic and healer. She has been working within the holistic and spiritual fields for over 30 years. She is a Medium, Channeller and Healer; who is also qualified as a Reiki-Seichem Master, a Zenith Master Practitioner, Spiritual Healer, and Medium, having also had training in several other metaphysical and healing modalities. Pananda is a transmuter of energy, this facilitates the conversion and clearing away of blockages in the body, the etheric and auric fields, to assist you to Walk Your Talk, staying in your Power, with love of self and therefore for others. As a Medium, she is professional and empathetic in providing communications from loved ones who are on “the other side”. As a trance channeller, she can set her conscious-self aside and allow another being or energy, a non-physical or spiritual being to speak through her. As a healer, she uses this link to higher knowledge, to direct and guide her in what therapy to use and how to use it for maximum benefit for her clients.
Her Life’s Journey. Consciously looking back on her journey of life, Pananda as a child was having experiences of communication from spirit from the age of six. The family had moved to a home in Mt Dandenong, it was here in the hills that the spiritual journey and phenomena started to take place for her. Not realising at the time, that she was one of “Ladies of the Lantern,” a light that shines brighter like a beacon for spirit to communicate to. Over the years through many experiences, her training was taking place and enabling the strength of her natural abilities. Her Spiritual team working with her in each now moment. Pananda discovered that her journey since childhood was not working for her and as a result part of her was dying, because she was not consciously honouring her Spiritual walk or herself. When in 1984 she overcome cancer, and decided to walk her walk. That of “being in the service with Spirit”. Spirit has been knocking on her door for a long time, wake up. Let the journey begin and it did. Many of miracles took place. Then in 1995, a profound event took place for her, it was like a download from the heavens, it was universal change. An expansion of knowing and empowerment. She began using tones, sound, language, and energetic vibrations during healing sessions and this was assisting others “to pop”, so to speak. Her profound attunement assisting many over the years. Pananda loves working with her clients and their unique frequency of being, for they are all different. So, she uses different and unique energy vibrations that affects the transmutation and healing process. Her work is to assist ones on their journey, Pananda and her Spiritual team have the keys to assist you for your next steps. Giving you the confidence to taking these steps; hold on to your hats dear ones. Pananda and her team’s passion with intent of respect, honouring and wisdom is, to assist everyone to love who they are unconditionally. To freely walk their own walk, with confidence and no fear. That is, understanding that they are part of the Oneness. Pananda’s personal experiences are ongoing, so is the work that Pananda and her spiritual team do, it changes in each now moment, vibration and frequency, through all levels of the Universe. She calls it dancing the dance of life. I hope you enjoy your experience. With love
An inner perception developed to awaken her to her life’s purpose – to assist others in their healing. Her “art” is the use of her acute awareness and sensitivity, triggering the transmutation of energies. This facilitates the healing process in others and assists them in gaining clarity for their own “journey”.

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