A number of booklets are available via Amazon Kindle Store in the series "A Teaching Discourse from the Inter-Dimensional Light Network".  These were written by John Stone who passed away in 1997.  John was Pananda's partner for four years prior to his passing.


Pananda has honoured John's wishes, to keep these teaching alive and they are available as e-Books.  A search on Amazon.com for Pananda will take you to all the booklets available from Kindle.


Titles include:


 Booklet 1:   Beyond Doubting

 Booklet 2:   Real World

 Booklet 3:   Attaining Certainty

 Booklet 4:   Golden Torch

 Booklet 5:   You are Not Guilty

 Booklet 6:   Illusion Called Death

 Booklet 7:   Earth Changes

 Book 8:       N/A

 Booklet 9:    Hidden Wisdom

 Booklet 10:  Manifesting

 Booklet 11:   Prayers Answered

 Booklet 12:   Why would God Allow That to Happen

 Booklet 13:   How your body is changing

 Booklet 14:   N/A

 Booklet 15:   How & Why Astral / Etheric Healing works


These booklets in the “A Teaching Discourse” series are available as eBooks through Kindle.


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